Find frequently asked questions about the Serious Integrated line of products.

What is Serious, and how does it relate to e2ip technologies?

Serious products are a subset of products and solutions offered by e2ip Technologies. E2ip Technologies also has an Engineered Solutions department that can customize any of the products and solutions offered.

What are off-the-shelf products offered by Serious?

Serious offers a range of pre-designed and readily available embedded HMI modules. These products are ready to be integrated into your projects without the need for extensive customization.

How do I get started with Serious products?

First align the product goals with the family of modules to choose a product then get the associated dev kit.

What makes Serious Smart Touch Surfaces stand out from the competition?

Serious Smart Touch Surfaces are known for their durability, responsiveness, and advanced features. They are engineered to perform reliably in challenging environments and support exceptional user experiences.

Can I customize Serious off-the-shelf products to meet my specific requirements?

While Serious products are designed for easy integration, limited customization options may be available depending on your needs. Please contact our Engineered Solutions team to discuss your customization requirements.

Can Serious modules be used in IoT projects?

Yes, Serious modules are suitable for IoT applications. They are designed to provide connectivity and processing capabilities for IoT devices, making them an excellent choice for IoT projects.

Are Serious products compatible with different operating systems and platforms?

Yes, we offer a large base of modules based on RTOS or Linux with different associated processing power.

How can I order Serious products?

The Serious Smart Touch Surfaces off the shelf products are available directly through our authorized distributors: Arrow and Digi-Key.

Are there any resources available for developers working with Serious products?

Yes, we offer documentation, software tools, and development resources to assist developers in working with our products. You can find these resources on that link.

Is e2ip technologies open to partnerships or collaborations regarding the Serious products?

Yes, we are open to partnerships and collaborations with other companies and organizations that share our vision for innovation and excellence. e2ip Technologies has established partnerships with industry leaders such as STMicroelectronics (ST), Renesas, Segger, Nordic, Arrow and Digikey.

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